Chris Hancock and a few buddies found a little more than just walleye while fishing near Wyoming’s Buffalo Bill Reservoir over the Easter weekend.

After walking along the shoreline, Chris stumbled upon the body of a deceased mountain lion that had seemingly washed ashore.  Unsure of the cause of death, Hancock and co. placed a call to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, asking them to take a look at the body.

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After officials performed a necropsy on the animal, they determined the large cat did not die of drowning, as there was no water found in the lungs.  Instead, they believe the animal likely died from hypothermia while trying to swim from the Cedar Mountain area.

After the Game and Fish was done with the animal, they allowed Chris the right to retain the animal.   He paid the tag fee and successfully retrieved the hide and skull from the mountain lion as a souvenir he likely will not soon forget.

H/T: Basin Reboot
Images: Basin Reboot