Great conditions for plant growth and a previously mild winter has blessed Wyoming elk hunters who were able to harvest the second-highest number of elk in recent years.
“A mild winter in 2015 and good  moisture during the growing season bolstered plant growth providing great habitat for Wyoming’s wildlife,” said Doug Brimeyer, Game and Fish deputy chief of wildlife “The 2016-17 winter had localized impacts on some elk herds but overall elk numbers remain very strong statewide and hunters can expect another exceptional hunting season this fall.”

Over 25,000 elk were taken during the 2016 hunting seasons matched with a 44.5 percent success rate.   Compare those numbers to the year prior and you have a 6 percent increase in success rate and a 4.5 percent increase in total harvest.

The bull harvest in Wyoming was also notably, the highest recorded within the last ten years.

“The last few years have seen hunter success levels continue to be at or among the highest in the west,” said Brimeyer. “This year’s harvest survey is further evidence that Wyoming is a great destination for hunting because of the quality hunting experience our state offers.”


Feature Image:  Robert Engberg/Flikr