Two heads, two noses?

No one seems to be more baffled than the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania man who went out to routinely check his trail camera in preparation for this fall’s hunt.

Pat Rodeheaver sets up his trail camera annually this time of year in an attempt to gauge the quality of deer on his 3.5 acre property in East Drumore Township.  At first viewing, Rodeheaver thought perhaps there was a smear of mud on the camera’s lens, distorting his view of the animals head.

At a closer look, he realized the deer was sporting some sort of odd deformity, one that he had never seen in all his years as an avid hunter.

Dr. Justin Brown, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s wildlife veterinarian, was asked about the odd condition and suggested that the deer at some point in the past had likely suffered a severe injury to its muzzle, exposing the nasal passages.

Rodeheaver stated that he plans to continue to monitor the buck over the coming months.  When asked whether or not he would shoot the animal if the opportunity presented itself this fall, he said he likely wouldn’t take the shot.

“I would feel guilty,” he told LancasterOnline, “especially if the injury is caused from someone taking a bad shot at it.”


Watch the Video Below:


H/T: LancasterOnline