Tim Majek, a 21-year veteran of the Woodbridge police department and found himself coming to the rescue of something other than a human being in a video posted to YouTube.

A deer had become entangled in the netting surrounding a nearby basketball court behind his neighbors house and in addition to being tangled in the netting, he made it exceptionally difficult for Majek to free him.  Through the struggle, Majek actually had to chase the deer through the woods to catch it before safely cutting the netting from its antlers using a knife.

“I know I sound out of breath in the video,” he told NJ.com. “It’s not because I’m out of shape – it’s because this happened after 10 minutes of a chase.”

While his neighbor filmed the ordeal, Majek was able to cut away enough of the net and let the deer go, who stood there for a moment, seemingly looking for Majek to make the next move, before running off.

Watch the Video Below:

H/T: NJ.com