One thing is for certain, Rachel Elizabeth Valverde of Naples, Florida takes her livestock seriously.  As one of South Florida’s most notorious invasive species, the Burmese Python has been wreaking havoc on the ecosystem since they were originally discovered in the 1980’s.  Acting as an alpha predator, these large snakes are decimating the small mammal populations in the Everglades and taking a toll on the whitetail deer in the area as well.

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Valverde had her camera with her as she set out in search of one of her goats and found the animal entangled in the deadly grips of a Burmese python.  Using her handgun, she fired a shot striking the snake in the head, causing it to immediately release the goat and reel in pain.  As the snake attempted to escape, she stepped on the tail of the large snake and fired a few more shots, eventually killing it.

Feature Image:  Facebook video, Channing Frampton Screenshot