Spring turkey season is just around the corner and the folks at Hoyt Archery and Gone Wild Outdoors put together a terrific video to get you ready for the gobblers. Taking a wild turkey using your bow is likely one of the more difficult tasks you might decide to undertake in your hunting career, so do yourself a favor and brush up on the basics first.

This comprehensive video dissects the wild turkey’s anatomy including the animal’s muscle structure, bone structure and vital organ locations, giving the viewer a clear understanding of their proposed target.

Taking into account the variety of angles you might see in the field such as broadside, back facing away, head-on and the skillful head shot, the producers calmly walk you through the perfect shot placement for every situation.

So if you’re heading out for the first time with your bow this year, or just want to brush up before the season hits, this informative video is sure to help anyone improve their odds of taking a turkey this season.