That’s right.  A Vermont man was in court Monday morning facing a felony charge of first-degree aggravated domestic assault with a weapon after attacking his mother over his newly-acquired venison.

After downing a deer, the accused, Zachary C. Merriam, 21, allegedly became overly protective of the coveted provisions as an altercation broke out.

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Unwilling to share the bounty of his harvest with his mother, Merriam reportedly took after her with the same gun used on the deer. With his 30-30 in hands, he allegedly used the rifle as a club, beating his 40-year-old mother with the stock.

As police arrived on the scene, details emerged as a witness reported that the pair had clashed over the deer meat and the situation escalated after Zachary hurled a television remote at his mother.

Police reported that the bruises photographed on Amanda Stevens-Marriam’s back were consistent with being hit by the stock of a rifle. Police also reported that the accused was “very emotional and irritated” by their presence following the incident but denied striking his mother with his rifle.

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In front of Judge Thomas Zonay in a Rutland, Vermont criminal court, the 21-year-old pleaded not guilty to the felony charge which carried the potential of upwards of 15 years in prison. After a stern lecture from the judge, Merriam was released under the condition that he simply stay away from his mother.