In an effort to display how the Indigenous people of Australia hunted crocodiles without the use of guns, the Blackfulla Revolution posted a vintage documentary showing how they did it.

Using only a spear, the three men are moving slowly across the river when they spot bubbles rising to the surface, indicating to the hunters that a crocodile is likely lurking below them. One quick jab of the spear and it seems as if they have gotten their catch for the day. To ensure the crocodile is secured, one of the men promptly enters the water to secure the animal, which in case you were wondering, was still very much in the fight at that point.

As they get the crocodile close to the boat, they are able to finally kill it with multiple blows to the head before they casually flip the animal into their boat and get on their merry way.

True hunters doing what they had to do to survive. Much respect to these original crocodile hunters.

Watch the full video below: