Leading a group of students on a mountaineering course, University of Alaska assistant professor Forest Wagner was mauled by a bear early last week.

A sow, who was accompanied by her cubs, attacked Wagner as he lead the group of about 12 students and was airlifted off the mountain when a student was able to acquire a cell phone signal by hiking down the mountain.

Wagner, who has been coordinating and teaching the outdoor studies program at the university since 2006, was listed in critical condition late Tuesday.

None of the students suffered any injuries in the ordeal and were promptly evacuated after the sow was spotted again after the incident, Alaska State Troopers reported.

This attack marks the second such bear mauling in Alaska in only four days.  On Friday, April 13, 2016, a 77-year-old man was mauled by a grizzly bear while bear hunting, and was later killed by the man’s hunting partner.


H/T: CBC News
Image:  Ryan Cortes/University of Alaska Southeast