Called to a routine car-deer accident in Fairfield, Maine, state trooper Tyler Maloon found out the operators he was assisting after the accident were carrying some fairly sensitive cargo.

After their vehicle struck a deer, a New England Patriots employee and his wife were assisted by Maloon who offered to give the couple a ride to the Pittsfield Irvings.  As the trio was driving, the couple began to tell the trooper about the event they were heading to at the Cross Insurance Center, mentioning the importance of “the trophy” being there as well as back in Boston at Fenway Park for opening day.

His mind full of questions, the trooper asked about the trophy and immediately realized he was transporting the Lombardi Trophy along with its temporary caretakers.

The trooper was able to snap a picture of himself with the trophy outside of his cruiser as the trophy went on to make its scheduled appearance on time.

Team spokesman Stacey James confirmed the incident on Saturday morning, mentioning that both the employee and trophy were left unscathed after the incident.


Feature Image:  Maine State Police Facebook