The recent buzz around gun control in America focused particularly on the sale of firearms privately and at gun shows around the country. As part of Obama’s executive order, he aimed to extend the background check system to secondary market buyers, those firearms sold privately and at gun shows.

The recent gun control debates produced obscene assumptions and accusations from the left, many of them stating that it is in fact, far too easy to purchase fully-automatic weapons or any firearm, for that matter.

Comedian and conservative Steven Crowder wanted to find out for himself and set out with his undercover cameras and filmed himself attempting to purchase a gun without a license.

Crowder traveled among a variety of vendors at a recent gun show and repeatedly attempted to acquire a fully-automatic firearm.

“Fully automatic?” a vendor asks Crowder. “Oh, no. I don’t have a class three license.”

The host then goes on to attempt to purchase a semi-automatic weapon and bring it home with him that very same day. Once again he was met with strict enforcement of the laws by each and every vendor he approached.

The former Fox News contributor now proudly produces his web-based series Louder With Crowder, which offers a satirical look into politically conservative media.

Check out the video below: