It was his first successful elk hunt and one that was unfortunately tainted by the distasteful actions of another individual.

After spending a number of days in Colorado’s backcountry, the man was able to have harvested an impressive 6×6 bull elk during the late afternoon hours of October 18. As he began to process the animal, he began the arduous process of packing the animal out of the backcountry, one load at a time.

While placing the final load into his truck bed at around 2 a.m., he noticed that many of the items in his truck bed had been moved, including the head and antlers of his prized bull. Denoted by a unique chip on one of the antler tines, the unique rack was removed from the truck as the perpetrators left behind the tag.

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“Backcountry users and sportsmen often rely on each other, along with honesty and common courtesy,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. “This type of theft is simply not acceptable or common in our area, according to detectives, and local agencies are hoping to help spread the word.”

Local Crime Stoppers are offering a reward of upwards of $1,000 for information about the theft and those that might have seen something are encouraged to contact the Gypsum Sheriff’s Office.