Last week a New Jersey Assemblyman introduced two bills aimed at eliminating or restricting black bear hunting in the state of New Jersey.  Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D) proposed Assembly Bill 3527 and Assembly Bill 3505 on March 14th.

Bill 3527 would be used to prevent the New Jersey Fish and Game Council from enacting a black bear hunting season, while the second proposal is aimed at prohibiting the use of bait for black bear hunting.

Black bear hunting in the state of New Jersey has been a controversial topic after state officials returned to bear hunting nearly 6 years ago in an attempt to curb the booming population.  Last year’s hunt was even extended in an attempt to lower bear numbers in New Jersey after 472 bears were killed in the first week of hunting.

Despite hunters applying for 8,500 permits in 2015, the opposition is strong in the state of New Jersey and often met with protesters heckling hunters at state-sanctioned weigh-in and inspection stations.

New Jersey hunters are urged to contact their state senators and assemblymen with opposition to proposed bills, pushing for a more common sense approach to managing black bear populations.

H/T: Ammoland