A proposed bill introduced in California this week is sending shock waves through the state’s hunting community.  The bill, tabled by Sen. Tim Wells (D) outlines new hunting regulations that would see hunters turn to more traditional methods of take such as atlatl’s, slingshots, knives and hand-to-hand combat.

“We are asking California hunters to prove their outdoor prowess and utilize tools other than high-powered firearms and modern compound bows to hunt game animals in our great state,” Wells said.  “In addition to adding a more primal element to tradition of hunting, we would like to see California’s National Forests and public lands become gun-free zones by 2020.”

While the bill is destined for controversy, supporters of the bill believe this is the way both gun use and hunting are evolving.  Given the rise of the ‘mountain athlete’, many lawmakers are now under the assumption the new breed of modern hunters should be able to acquire wild game without the use modern weapons.

“Let’s face it, if you can run 10 miles up a mountain with a rock on your shoulder but can’t kill an elk without the use of a firearm or one of these high-tech bows, you should find a new hobby,” the Senator said.

The bill is scheduled for a final vote on April 15th – 14 days after April Fools’ Day.


*This post is fiction.  It’s April Fools’ Day.*