Love has the ability to make some of us do crazy things, but stealing hunting gear isn’t usually one of them.

A Palmer County, Pennsylvannia man was charged with theft, receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy, following the bizarre actions of a man crazy in love.

In an apparently attempt at revenge against his ex-girlfriend’s father, Dennis Scot Cope III, 20, of Nazareth, PA helped himself to the contents of her father’s trailer while he was away on vacation.

When her father, Jeffrey Coban, returned from vacation, he discovered the trailer and an apparent act of foul play.  Coban, who owns Water Fowl Adventures, specializing in water fowl hunting and outfitting trips, did a quick inventory of his trailer and found approximately $14,000 worth of equipment had been stolen.

According to police around 500 items were removed from the trailer and a neighbor, Sean Lambert witnessed Cope causally unloading the contents of the trailer into the back of his pickup truck.

Cope eventually admitted to stealing the items and hiding them at his home to “get payback” against Coban.

Cope was sent to Northampton County Prison under $10,000 bail.


H/T: The Morning Call
Image: Palmer Police