PRATT, KS (Release) – Hunter BOTTCHER, 20, Otterville MO, and Samuel Hawieson, 20, Sedalia MO appeared in the Pratt County District Court on October 24, 2017 where they each pleaded guilty to seven separate Kansas wildlife violations, including Criminal Hunting, Hunting with the Aid of Artificial Light, Hunting with the Aid of a Motor Vehicle, Illegally Taking Trophy Big Game Deer, Hunting without Valid Deer Tags, Taking Wildlife after Legal Hours, and Illegal Ammo for Taking of Big Game.

The defendants were sentenced to sixty days in the Pratt County Jail, suspended, and placed on a twelve-month supervised probation. They were ordered to pay fines in the total amount of $18,200.00 and restitution in the amount of $4,361.06. The hunting licenses of the defendants are now suspended in 47 states and the equipment used in the crimes along with the two illegal deer heads were forfeited.

Kansas Game Warden Jason Harrold received a call from a community member on October 3, 2017 about a headless deer carcass found near 60th Avenue and 40th Street in Pratt County. Game Warden Harrold commenced the investigation with the assistance of the Pratt County Sheriff’s Office which led to the discovery of the perpetrators. Two big game trophy deer with inside spread over 16” were illegally taken by the defendants. The case was referred to the Office of the Pratt County Attorney and complaints were filed in the Pratt County District Court. Tracey Beverlin, Pratt County Attorney, commends the professionalism of Kansas Game Warden Jason Harrold. His work and attention to detail were instrumental in obtaining convictions in this matter. Game Warden Harrold “thanks the observant local members of the community who observed and reported this wasteful illegal killing of our wildlife.”