After setting up a number of deer decoys in broad daylight on a private piece of land outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, conservation officers witness a local couple shoot the decoy from across a roadway.

It was stated in court that the couple drove past the decoy in the field and then walked back along the roadway together, the man carrying his rifle. As they decided to shoot the decoy, he then handed the rifle to his wife who then fired across two lanes of roadway at the plastic animal positioned in a field marked with no trespassing signs.

The investigation later revealed that the woman was not licensed to hunt in the province of Ontario, nor had she ever completed any hunter safety training. The pair pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm down, from or across a public road and the man pleaded guilty to trespassing to hunt. The couple was subsequently fined a combined total of $8,250 and are suspended from hunting in the province of Ontario for two years.

H/T: CBC News