In case you were worried about it, corruption is alive and well in New York City.

Earlier in the month Alex Lichtenstein was indicted on charges of bribing NYPD officers working in the department’s Firearms Licensing Division.  The indictment coming after Lichtenstein was able to secure upwards of two dozen carry permits for a variety of individuals, including one with a felony conviction.

Talk about clout.

Lichtenstein specialized in the Orthodox Jewish community, charging his clientele upwards of $18,000 to secure permits.  He was alleged to have conspired with police officers for a number of years to obtain gun licenses, often paying co-operating officers $6,000 per application.

The buyers were happy to fork over the cash as Lichtenstein claimed he would be hiring an attorney on their behalf to expedite the process by the NYPD.

His past customers couldn’t have been more surprised as the NYPD issued notices to all those who dealt with Lichtenstein, revoking their gun carry permits.

“They’ve been asked to turn in their licenses and their weapons pending a review of their license applications and their paperwork,” NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis told The New York Post.

Those who received letters from the NYPD will be subject to an additional screening process to determine if there are any “gaps or deficiencies” in the paperwork.  Those whose paperwork is in order, should expect their licenses to be re-instated in due time.

Despite his deep connections in the department, Lichtenstein was nabbed only after he approached an unidentified member of the NYPD, with whom he had no prior dealings with and offered cash for permits.  The officer promptly informed internal affairs about the exchange.


Image: YouTube