After writing about a 93 –year old solo hunter in West Virginia yesterday, I came across 39-year old Jason Brown’s story.  Despite suffering from multiple sclerosis, Brown continues to hunt whitetails in the Finger Lakes region of New York State after doctors adjusted his medication, allowing him to walk with a cane.

While he typically hunts in a group of family members, last fall he set out to his stand alone.

“I can only climb 10 feet high because of MS,” Brown told the Finger Lakes Times. “Actually, I hunt with my whole family, but (Nov. 25) I was in my stand alone.”

As he settled into his stand, it wasn’t long before the hunter identified a deer about 60-70 yards from his stand.  He did his best to remain calm, but after noticing the towering rack the deer was brandishing atop his head, he zeroed in on his target.

“The deer went behind some brush, and when it peeked around the other side my mouth hit the side of the tree,” Brown said. “I took a shot with my .270 rifle … the buck ran about 20 yards and then dropped. I called my nephew, who came and dragged the deer out of the woods.”

After securing the deer from the woods, Brown scored and mounted the animal.  The green score came in to 135 4/8.

H/T: Finger Lakes Times