As a resurrection of sorts, a North Carolina bill aiming to protect hunting and fishing rights under the state’s constitution has resurfaced in the Tar Heel State.

Senate Bill 677 was created to safeguard hunting and fishing as legal rights in the state and was originally tabled a year ago that never got to a vote in the House.

The trio of sponsors and lifelong hunters include Sen. Danny Britt from Robeson County, Sen. Norman Sanderson from Pamilico County and Sen. Andrew Brock from Davie County and issued the following joint statement:

“This constitutional amendment will protect for future generations the hunting and fishing rights that have always been part of our heritage and way of life — and it will ensure North Carolina remains a sportsman’s paradise.”

In addition to the protection of these rights, the bill also contains a provision that establishes hunting and fishing as “a preferred method of managing and controlling wildlife.”



H/T: Charlotte Observer