After a good bout of rain, a Florida black bear was apparently seeking a dry place to catch up on his sleep when he was discovered by a Florida couple fast asleep on their front doorstep.

Warren Woodard of Longwood, FL was alerted to the surprise guest by his wife shortly after arriving home last week.

“(I) went around to the garage and my wife — we met at the garage door, and she said, ‘Come here a minute,'” Warren Woodard told News6. “(She said), ‘There’s a bear laying at the door asleep.”

Thinking his longtime partner was certainly pulling his leg, it was something he had to see for himself.  As he approached the front door from inside his home, sure enough, there lay the massive bruin in a deep slumber.  Seemingly unaware and noticeably tired, the Florida man was able to capture a few photos of the sleeping bear before police arrived on the scene and eventually frightened the bear away.

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“She must have made some kind of noise, because at that point, the bear jumped up and took off,” Woodard said. “(The first officer) yelled at me, ‘Look out!’ He ran right toward me. So I ran back around and into the garage.”