Duck hunters in the great state of Louisiana have been treated to a fruitful end-of-year after the results of the annual December aerial waterfowl survey were released.

The survey revealed a whopping 3.61 million estimated ducks in the state, a number that has not been that high for 17 years.  As the states in the northern Midwest were subject to freezing temperatures and snowfall, ducks were forced south earlier than expected, and according to waterfowl study leader Larry Reynolds, is one of the factors responsible for the 18 percent increase over November’s survey results.

Canvasback and mallard ducks were among the highest increases, as the presence of greenhead ducks increased from 11,000 to 190,000, the biggest increase since 2005.

The results of the survey indicated that the ducks were evenly distributed across both the southeast and southwestern regions of the state.


H/T: Louisiana Sportsman