Believed to be one of the largest herds of these uniquely white deer on the planet, the animals are not albino, as many would suspect.  These deer and a few other herds scattered across America’s Northeast and Midwest are a rare whitetail deer genetic variant that lacks the pigmentation needed for the species’ typical brown fur.

This particular herd of deer resides on the Seneca Army Depot in upper New York state, an enclosed and protected area that has kept the deer out of the way of passing vehicles and hunters since the U.S. Department of the Army retired the depot in 2000.

In addition to the stunning, snow white deer, the depot is also a haven of history, featuring a number of buildings, historical artifacts, and weapons from World War II to the first Gulf War.

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Photo: Dennis Money | Facebook

Today the site and the deer are managed by Seneca White Deer, Inc (SWD) and the tours are set to begin to operate this fall in partnership with Deer Haven Park LLC, who owns the depot.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer tours beginning this fall. These white deer are a real treasure and to make them accessible to the public is a dream come true.” Dennis Money, SWD President, said, “We don’t have a start date for the tours yet, but we expect to have that soon. We are developing a new website that will allow visitors to see available dates and times so they can book tours online.”

The organizations have plans for a welcome center, volunteers and an engaging tour route for incoming visitors this fall.

“I believe the survival of the white deer will depend on the success of these tours. It’s great to have Seneca White Deer on board for the tours. They have an excellent track record and a real commitment to the deer,” noted Earl Martin of Deer Haven Park.


Feature Image:  Dennis Money, Seneca White Deer | Facebook