Jim Shockey is at it again, after bagging one of Argentina’s free-range feral sheep earlier in the week, he embarked on his next hunting adventure.

Hunting the Patagonia Puma.

These South American cats are said to kill about 50 percent more animals than their North American counterparts and one of their favorite meals is the guanaco, which are quickly becoming decimated by the pumas.

What made Jim’s kill so interesting was the fact that this old puma’s canine teeth were worn down to the gums.

His timing couldn’t have been much better.  This old cat was destined to either starve to death over the coming South American winter or turn to an easier target.  Humans.

Another great target by one of the best in the business.

Hunting animals, especially predators, such as this puma that are on their last legs and posing a threat to human safety is one of the finest forms of conservation you can find.