The folks over at the YouTube channel C&Rsenal know what they are doing when it comes to firearms.  They produce descriptive videos about historical military small arms from around the world and have a great way of illustrating the functionality and engineering prowess that went in to manufacturing these weapons.

Utilizing x-ray animations, they give their viewers a closer look at a variety of military firearms, we all would likely never have a chance to get.

The GIFs below highlight a few of our favorite weapons, all used during WWI featured by the YouTube channel:


French Berthier Rifle

Fusil Mle. 1907-15
Cartridge: 8x50mmR
Capacity: 3 rnds
Length: 51.4″
weight: 8.4lbs


French Revolver d’Ordonnance Modèle 1892

Cartridge: 8mm French Ordnance
Capacity: 6 rnds
Length: 9.3″
weight: 1.9 lbs


German F.Langenhan Selbstlader Pistol

Cartridge: .32 ACP
Capacity: 8 rnds
Length: 6.6″
weight: 1.5 lbs


German Gewehr 1898 “Mauser” Rifle

Cartridge: 7.92x57mm
Capacity: 5 rnds
Length: 49.2″
weight: 9 lbs