Earlier this year, Jim Bob Pierce of Two Bear Air Rescue posted a video captured using one of the organizations camera-equipped helicopters.  Typically used for rescue missions in and around the state of Montana, but this time they spotted a victim they were unable to help.

As they flew near Glacier National Park, they spotted an area of blood-stained snow, indicating an apparent attack site.  As they get a closer look, we can see the victim is a fair-sized bull elk, which has obviously had better days, standing still seemingly awaiting his fate.

As the video switches to heat-sensing infrared, the perpetrators are suddenly exposed as a number of wolves thought to belong to the Camas Creek Pack are highlighted using the cutting-edge technology.  The wolves are hiding throughout the timber, undoubtedly a bit spooked by the helicopter fly-over.

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Image: YouTube


While the video does not display the wolves moving it, it’s a safe bet they came back for their dinner after the helicopter left the vicinity.


Watch the Video Below:

Images: YouTube