Spotted on the Boise River Wildlife Management area March 18 hunting chukar roughly 46 days after the season closed for the game birds, a pair of poachers are under investigation by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

In addition to hunting chukar out of season, the pictured duo, as released by the department, indicates that they were also using the Boise River Wildlife Management area during a closed season.  Earlier this year, officials closed the wildlife management area in an attempt to protect overwintering wildlife dealing with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures this past winter.

The Boise River Wildlife Management area is set to reopen to the public today.

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The images supplied by the department clearly illustrate the couple with a shotgun and a cleaned chukar hanging from the belt of one of the suspects.

“Based on the photos, both suspects may be wildland firefighters, and suspect one might be currently or previously serving in the military,” Fish and Game told

Idaho is asking that anyone with information about the depicted suspects to contact them immediately.