With several rule changes proposed, the Idaho Fish and Game Department is seeking public comment on the changes until July 26.

Of the proposed changes, none is making as many waves as the recently announced proposal that could allow the state’s wolf hunters to utilize bait specifically placed for wolves.  While wolf hunters In Idaho can currently take wolves over bait originally set out for other game such as bears, the rules state hunters cannot place wolf-specific bait for hunting purposes.

As with other regulation and rule changes, the proposal is out for all parties to consider and it is that public input that will be used to determine whether or not the department will institute the changes.

As with anything to do with hunting wolves, the proposed change has come under undeniable scrutiny from animal rights activists and groups.  Andrea Santarsiere with the Center for Biological Diversity is calling the proposal an attack on wolf populations.

“Since wolves lost Endangered Species Act protection, Idaho has grown increasingly aggressive in how and where it permits their hunting and trapping,” Santarsiere told the Idaho Mountain Express. “In the absence of federal oversight, Idaho is doing everything it can to decimate Idaho’s wolf population.”

In addition to the highly controversial wolf hunting proposal, the department has also tabled a regulatory change that would outlaw the use of remote cameras such as trail cameras and 2-way communication devices for hunting all big game species.

“With increased use of trail cameras and other technology for hunting, considerations of fair chase, ethics and sportsmanship have arisen, particularly related to use of electronic communication to aid hunters to locate big game animals,” as was posted to the Idaho Fish and Game website.

Decisions are expected to be made at the department’s meeting on July 27 in Bonner’s Ferry.