Heading from their home in Alberta, Sean and Michelle Steele were traveling to Prince Rupert, B.C. for a relaxing fishing trip.  At about hour ten of their trip, the truck traveling ahead of the Alberta couple struck a deer and without missing a beat, Sean hopped out of his truck, knife in hand.

“I didn’t want to see it suffer, so I got out and dragged it into the ditch,” Steele told the Toronto Star.

“And then that’s when I seen the feet coming out the side of the doe.”


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Images: Northern Lights Wildlife Society via Facebook/Stephanie Steele via Facebook


Thinking quickly, the 46-year former cattle farm resident performed an emergency caesarean section on the road-struck doe.  An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Steele stated he simply wanted to do what he could to save the young fawn.

“Wasn’t a big deal,” he said. “I really didn’t think nothing of it.”

The doe, aptly referred to as ‘Friday’, was then loaded into Steele’s truck where the couple delivered the fawn to an animal sanctuary in Smithers, B.C.  Since the surgery, Friday is formula feeding and in great health.

Steele said if the opportunity presented itself again, he wouldn’t think twice, nor would any of his hunting buddies.

“We all have the same attitude,” he said. “People got to realize hunters aren’t out there to kill everything all the time. Probably the biggest conservationists there is, everybody that hunts.”

H/T: Kitchener Post