If you hunt in Maryland on private property you may very well not own any blaze or hunter orange clothing.  Until a recent change, hunters who enjoyed hunting on their own private property in Maryland simply had no use for it.  A recent revision to the rule book is about to change that.

The change, set forth in the Maryland General Assembly, now requires all hunters in the state, on public or private land, to don the brightly displaying color during firearm seasons.

“All hunters are required to wear blaze orange or safety orange,” Stephen Schatz, Department of Natural Resources director of communications told MyEasternShoreMD. “There was one exemption for landowners.”

The change was reported to have been met with very little opposition.  As a standard of safety in most states, the rule change makes sense to most hunters and the state of Maryland is home to a very low incidence of hunting-related accidents each year.

“The vast majority of hunters are safe hunters,” Schatz said.

Of the two serious incidents in 2016, both of them were self-inflicted injuries.



Image:  Flickr