Well if it was going to happen anywhere, most of us might assume it ought to be in Texas.  Lawmakers in the Lone Star state passed a bill on Wednesday that aims to legalize the hunting of feral hogs and coyotes from the comfort of a hot air balloon.

As the state continues its siege on the seemingly impossible to defeat feral hog population, Governor Greg Abbott’s signature is the last item needed to sign the bill into law.  If passed, hog hunters will simply need a state-issued hunting license and access to a balloon to take part in a new style of hunting.

State representative Mark Keough, who sponsored the bill, explained the benefits of utilizing a quieter mode of transportation rather than a noisy and expensive chopper trip (which is also legal).

“It’s far safer than if you were hunting out of a helicopter,” Keough told the Observer. “We have that Western, swashbuckling, cowboying type of way to deal with things. It’s part of the culture, it’s different than any other state.”