Authorities with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are investigating the disturbing discovery of a dead deer duct taped to a street sign in Atkinson County.  The news, coming not long after a skinned, pregnant deer ended up in the public swimming pool in Tennessee, seems to be part of a despicable trend of animal cruelty with new cases surfacing almost weekly.

According to reports, the deer was found on the side of Highway 90 and was reported to authorities by passing motorists.  In what was originally thought to have been a case of road kill has turned into a possible case of poaching after a bullet hole was discovered in the animal.

The animal was contorted and duct taped to both a chair and a street sign and appeared to have a pair of sunglasses and a bright-colored shirt affixed to it.

The DNR is reaching out to the public for assistance for information on any of the individuals who are responsible for the disturbing display.  A reward has also been offered in the case.