Over the weekend the Arizona Game and Fish Commission approved a measure that would see upwards of 60 elk transferred from Arizona to West Virginia.  While no date has been set for the relocation, according to reports, it is likely to take place within the next two to four years.

“Additional translocations in the next 2-4 years may be considered pending the success of this translocation and the status of our elk populations here [in Arizona],” Munig told the Gazette-Mail on Monday. “We are not starting the logistical planning for the translocation, so we do not have more details yet.”

While there has been no comment from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources as of yet, it is expected that should the transfer take place, the elk would likely end up in the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area where roughly two dozen elk have been deposited before.

The news coming after West Virginia officials confirmed the birth of not one, but two calves this spring is yet another credit to sound wildlife management and conservation.