Cam is no stranger to giving it his all and he has once again proven this to a young fan named Kaden. Scheduled for a heart and kidney transplant, Cam took to Instagram to wish Kaden well on his big day, asking that everyone keep this brave young man in their thoughts and prayers.

Following updates on Kaden’s Instagram account, Cam shared the progress report that Kaden had made it through the surgery and was on the road to recovery.

Cam then posted the details for Kaden’s GoFundMe page for those that wanted to help out financially.

I put up the link to Kaden's gonfundme page on my Cameron Hanes Facebook page. Thank you!

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It wasn’t long before Cam’s friends and sponsors also stepped up to the plate to do their part for a young bowhunter in recovery.

Thank you @mtnops!

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Thank you @yeti!

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Brian Stephens @archerymadman won the bid at 5k. And, because he is amazingly generous, like so many here, he is donating the 2016 @hoytbowhunting bow to Kaden, along with the @spothoggarchery sight, @mtnops supps and donation, the @kifaru_intl pack, @rattlergrips and @yeti gear. Also, @nockontv, John Dudley, is donating gear and offering to set up Kaden's bow as if it was his own. Not mention the second place bidder, Lobo Toro, who bid $4,000, is going to send his 4k to @hunterboy2007 to aid in his fight. I am humbled by the outpouring of support for Kaden. He's a 9 year old fighter, who despite all his challenges, has a zest for life, and a seemingly permanent smile on his face. He inspires me, as do all of you, to make a positive difference on this earth. While social media has its challenges, especially to those in the public eye, I try to keep my page(s) positive. In my mind there is enough negative in the world already why people want to post about it is beyond me? What I've noticed, and this exercise is a perfect example, love and caring is contagious. As is hate. So, we all have a choice there. Kaden's journey has inspired me and many others who have never even met him to give, pray and have compassion for a young boy who just wants to be healthy, shoot his bow, and spend time with his family and friends. That's all I want for him as well. I want to thank you all for making a positive difference in Kaden's life today. Cam

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No word on the dollar amount raised for young Kaden at this point, but I can assure you the young man’s spirits must be absolutely elevated after seeing the support garnered not only from one of his heroes, but from an entire community of hunters.

Hats off to Cam and #keephammering, brother.