When we think about crocodiles, we think about far-reaching, tropical locales such as Mexico or Australia.  Despite knowing better, residents in Surrey, British Columbia were sure to have spotted what they believed to be a crocodile lounging in a nearby marsh.

After a number of these reports came in, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stepped in to investigate the peculiar reports.  The apparent crocodile ended up causing a flurry of traffic delays in the area, as many slowed down and stopped to have a closer look at the possible ancient reptile.

It turns out, as many expected, to be nothing but a pile of debris floating in the water, a commercial truck tire to be exact.

“We don’t want anyone else to be stopping on the highway to take a look at this piece of debris and mistake it for a crocodile or an alligator,” Cpl. Scotty Schumann told CBC News.

“It is kind of comical when you do look at it,” he said.