With shooting and hunting enthusiasts descending upon Las Vegas for this year’s SHOT Show, which kicked off this morning, The Blaze’s Jason Howerton wound up in a shooting competition with Marcus Luttrell.

After walking up to Luttrell while we was promoting his Team Never Quit organization, Jason proposed a “one-shot’ competition between him and the Navy SEAL.

To his amazement, Marcus graciously agreed.

The terms of the friendly competition stated that each competitor would be allowed to take one warm up shot followed by a qualifying shot, leaving the shooter closest to the bulls eye declared the winner. Utilizing an Axelson Tactical 5.56 SPR Combat Series rifle, each competitor fired their shots from a crouched position at the target.

While each of the competitors warm up shots ended up to the left of the bulls eye, they were each able to correct their previous shots and place shots in close proximity to the bulls eye. When it was all said and done, Jason’s qualifying shot had declared him the winner by less than half an inch.

While the author did mention that he does actively participate in target shooting, he was amazing gracious to simply have the opportunity to compete against an opponent of such stature in a well-mannered competition.

You can watch the video of the competition below:

H/T: The Blaze