TETONIA, ID (RELEASE) –Personnel with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) trapped and euthanized a five-year-old male black bear that had become overly accustomed to humans to the point that it had entered a home outside of Tetonia, fortunately, no one was injured.  Officials are still on the watch for another black bear in the vicinity that had exhibited similar behavior and will determine its fate if apprehended.

It is important that homeowners report any bear that pays a visit.  People that allow bears to become food-conditioned and habituated to the presence of humans could very well be signing that bear’s death sentence.  Once bears learn a behavior they will continue to exploit it, especially if food rewards are involved.

Many things are attractants for bears that people do not realize.  Exposed dog food, garbage, and even BBQ grills can all lead to problems.   Bird feeders are a constant source of conflict that doesn’t need to occur during summer months because birds don’t need the food to survive, but bears love to snack on it.  Replacing bird baths for bird feeders can attract just as many birds and will not serve as an attractant to bears.