“How’d you get in there, bear?” a Jefferson County Deputy asked the black bear in a video recently released on YouTube.

Just before 9am in Golden, Colorado, deputies were alerted about a peculiar situation in which a black bear had somehow entered a parked Subaru and was unable to get out.

The owner of the vehicle, Annie Bruecker, was made aware of the situation after her mother woke her up Tuesday morning shortly after she discovered the bear inside of the vehicle.

“She screamed from downstairs,” Bruecker said. “She said, ‘Annie, there’s a bear in your car.’ And I thought that she meant that it broke a window, and I was like, ‘okay, that’s life.’ But, no she actually meant that it was in my car.”

It is believed that the bear entered the car through an unlocked door, a state, Bruecker says, she does not often leave her car in.  Inside the bear frantically thrashed around, causing a great deal of damage to the interior and according to Bruecker, leaving behind a terrible odor.

“It’s like wet dog, but a little worse than wet dog,” Bruecker said.

Deputies decided the best plan for release would be to open the rear hatch and give the bear an opportunity to retreat.  As the video depicts, soon after the door was opened, the bear quickly vacated the vehicle, heading back into the woods.

Watch the Video Below:


H/T: 9News