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Deer Found Alive After Being Struck by Car, Purposely Set on Fire

  In an extremely brazen case of animal abuse, police were called to an intersection near Rochester, Indiana where a passerby reported a deer on fire. As officers arrived on the scene, the deer was still alive and smoldering, causing officers with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department to immediately put the deer down. Investigators are under the belief that the deer was struck by a vehicle believed to be a blue or black 1992-2002 Camero, Trans-Am, Firebird or similar, based on the parts found scattered at the scene. There was also evidence of an accelerant being poured on the...

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Arkansas Elk Hunt Breaks Records

  Arkansas hunters harvested a record 55 elk during the 2016-17 hunting season, according to a report given by Wes Wright, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s elk program coordinator, at today’s monthly Commission meeting. The record tally represented a 15 percent increase in harvest from the 2015 season and was the result of the statewide elk season established in 2016 to prevent further expansion of the herd. “We had 11 elk taken on land outside the Core Elk Management Zone,” said Wright. “Nine were in Pope County, one was in Van Buren County and one was down in...

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