Author: Forrest Nelson

Mystery of What’s Killing Minnesota’s Moose Starting to Unravel

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources uncovered critical data after 173 adult moose were captured and fitted with GPS radio collars between 2013 and 2015. The project was launched as the agency is searching for answers as to why the state’s moose population continues to decline. With the ability to track tagged moose, the agency is now able to quickly retrieve the animals at the time of death and examine their remains. While wolves do in fact make up a large portion of the cause of death, Michelle Carstensen, the DNR’s wildlife health program supervisor, told the LaCrosse Tribune that...

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Watch What Happens When a Physicist Fires a Gun at Himself Underwater

Norwegian Andreas Solberg Wahl’s most recent video displays the daredevil-physicist putting both his body and his life on the line. While this death-defying feat is unbelievable for most of us to attempt, this is not Andreas’ first dangerous video he has posted. He was also the fellow who once drenched himself in water and passed through raging flames to prove that he would not suffer any burns, proving his theory that it does indeed take a great deal of heat to evaporate water. If that’s not enough, he also chopped wood with explosives, washed his car using a helicopter...

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