Author: Bruce Billingsly

Pro-Gun YouTube Account Terminated Twice Without Warning

With close to two million subscribers, the channel hosted by “Hickok45” has been terminated twice without any warnings from the popular video uploading website. The terminations both took place in January and while the channel is currently live again on YouTube, Hickok45 is opting to move his content to a more gun-friendly outlet. is home to many of the internet’s top gun enthusiasts in the site’s dedication to providing shooting enthusiast with quality content and a friendly and welcoming community. In light of the recent terminations by YouTube, Hickok45 has opted to host is content on the Full30...

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Banned For Life: Tennessee Hunters Lose Hunting Privileges in 44 States After Killing 40 Deer

After killing an estimated 40 deer out of season and without a license, two Tennessee men have been handed down a punishment unlike one we have ever seen. Densibel Calzada, 23, and Eddy Albert 21, residents of La Vergne, Tennessee were arrested after the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) received a call from a landowner reporting the two as trespassing and went to investigate. At that time they were each issue citations and two days later they were picked up by a Smyrna police officer after finding beer and dead deer in their truck. Immediately after the dead animals...

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