Following numerous confirmed cases in states such as Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Texas of the neurodegenerative disease that affects deer and elk species, some good news has surfaced out of Arizona.

As with many other states across the nation, final counts and tests are being conducted as results are released.  In the Grand Canyon State this year, a total of over 750 elk, whitetail and mule deer were tested as part of Arizona’s fight against the disease.  Specimens turned in by hunters each year are used for testing voluntarily, a program Arizona has been running since 1998.

The state remains squeaky clean with no confirmed cases to date, but state wildlife officials are diligent in their research and sample collection as the disease has been found in the neighboring states of Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The department is grateful for the assistance of hunters who submit deer and elk heads for testing, as well as the cooperation of local taxidermists and game processors. Heads can be brought to any Game and Fish office statewide between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Featured Image:  Arizona Game and Fish Department