Voicing its disapproval for organized exercise, a young mule deer buck disrupted a marathon in eastern Washington state earlier this month.

After receiving a call from one of the participants concerned about the well-being of the marathon runners, officials with Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Police were on the scene.

Like a charging bull straight out of the streets of Pamplona, witnesses stated that the buck entered the roadway ahead of the runners and began to act aggressively.  Charging and chasing a number of marathon runners, a pair of men in charge of adequately hydrating participants attempted to chase the buck off but to no avail.

The two men ended up being gored by the buck, one on the hand and the other on the leg, as he continued to assert is dominance.

Officials quickly made the decision to dispatch the animal on the scene.

Both men were taken to Davenport Hospital for treatment of their injuries and a local hunter was able to tag the animal to preserve the meat.