Following the University of Montana’s basketball team’s win over Boise State on Friday night paired with the football team’s win over Eastern Washington on Saturday, Clark Bartkowski was having a great birthday weekend.

As part of his 76th birthday celebrations, Clark was slated for a bison hunt in Gardiner, Montana early Sunday morning. Despite an early morning call from his guide stating that the bison they were after had been found by another group of hunters, the 76 year old outdoorsman insisted they continue on.

It didn’t take long before the two men spotted a pair of bulls, but had difficulty getting within range for Bartkowski to comfortably use his bow, even though the men were also equipped with a rifle. Clark believed they could get in close enough for a clean kill using his bow and soon convinced his guide to circle the bulls and approach from the opposite direction.

The plan worked and as Barkowski closed in on about a 40 yard distance from the bison, he nocked an arrow and let it go.

After packing out the 500lb hide and hundreds of pounds of meat via horse-drawn sleigh, Bartkowski announced his plans to donate nearly all of the bison to the Darby Bread Box, a local food bank in which he serves as the president.

h/t: Billings Gazette