Last year marked the 80th anniversary of the annual Inuvik reindeer crossing which takes place in Canada’s Northwest Territories’ Mackenzie Delta.  Every year, approximately 3,000 reindeer are ushered across the ice road located between the communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk.

The reindeer are embarking on this journey as they make their way toward their calving grounds on Richards Island from their wintering grounds close to Jimmy Lake.

Today, the event draws large crowds as 200 people watched closely as herders moved the reindeer about 49 yards away from the spectators this past weekend.

“They kind of slow it down so they can get a good look, but the reindeer can walk at a pretty good clip. But they usually slow it down so people can get some good pictures and stuff,” Kylik Kisoun-Taylor, who operates Tundra North Tours told CBC News.

Herders use snowmobiles to careen the herd of reindeer and Kisoun-Taylor plans to market the event as a tourist event for the region in the coming years.

Watch the Video Below:

H/T: CBC News