It all came together on December 27th for long-time hunter Gordon Blossom.  Recently celebrating his 100th birthday, Blossom had long talked about taking an elk when he was 100 years of age and finally made it a reality with his son Rod last month.

Officially licensed as a disabled hunter, Rod is Gordon’s hunting partner, and accompanied his father on his quest for an elk starting on August 1st.  Heading out five days a week, the pair canvasses the boundaries of Washington’s Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park and is where they finally found their prey.

After spotting a herd of roughly 300 elk, the two followed the animals for four hours until the perfect shot presented itself for the elderly hunter.

“They were moving and I mean, moving,” Gordon told Daily Record News. “Probably going 30 miles per hour and I just don’t feel like I should shoot unless I’m pretty sure I can get it. I don’t want a wounded animal.”

Gordon took the elk at under 150 yards, a distance he is extremely comfortable with his Winchester .300 H&H rifle he acquired back in 1953.

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Image: R.G. Blossom

The successful hunter plans to dine on his kill for the remainder of 2017 and is thankful for the opportunity to spend time afield with his son.


H/T: Daily Record News
Featured Image:  R.G. Blossom